Finding the Treasure

What about that metal urn you’ve been using to hold your keys? Could it be an artifact? Could that signed copy of “The Old Man and the Sea” be the real deal? What about that stocked China cabinet in your grandmother’s dining room? Here’s the good news; J.A. Baker LLC has the answers.

Our extensive experience in furniture, antiques and collectibles allows us to accurately determine the value of your antiques, artwork, furniture, and contemporary and vintage personal treasures and heirlooms. This ensures that you receive the fair market value upon sale. We are passionate for the hunt and delight in finding hidden treasures.

In 2010, J.A. Baker LLC was hired to handle a family’s estate sale. After touring the house and creating an inventory, we asked to go upstairs. The family told us to not even bother, that there was nothing of value on the 2nd floor.

We persuaded them to let us take a look. Covered in dust and tucked underneath a bed we discovered the most valuable piece in their entire art collection – a watercolor by a well-known California artist that sold for thousands of dollars.

“When we are hired to liquidate a home, we literally leave no stone unturned. Like a treasure hunt, there is no telling what we will find. But rest assured, we do find it!”
Jeff Baker, J.A. Baker LLC